CVIC: Ending violence in two generations

With a bold, comprehensive approach, we are disrupting cultural norms to end violence in two generations. We deliver vital safety and healing services to adults and children experiencing trauma and educate youth and professionals about how to prevent violence and develop healthy relationships. Because violence is predictable, we know it is preventable.

Through an alliance of collaborative partners and donors we are creating a safer tomorrow for children and adults who are experiencing trauma and who are at the greatest risk of school failure, addictions and suicide. We support those impacted by violence at all levels with shelter, advocacy, therapy, self-sufficiency, intervention, and prevention with programs that are changing the trajectory of our community.

Serving tens of thousands of survivors and victims since 1980, CVIC has been leading regional violence intervention efforts with an innovative model of collaboration that is recognized nationally as a best practice. We employ more than 80 professionals who serve victims, survivors, and those who use violence in personal relationships.

CVIC is a 501c3 non-profit agency, governed by an 11-person board of directors. Our senior leadership team, with more than 100 cumulative years of experience, oversees day-to-day operations.