Crime Victim Advocacy

Victims and witnesses to personal injury and property crimes where offenders are prosecuted are thrust into a daunting criminal court process. If this happens to you, CVIC crime victim specialists will help to ensure that your legal rights under Marsy’s Law and the ND Century Code are upheld, you are informed every step of the way, and your voice is heard.


Free and confidential


We’ll be sure you receive information to help you navigate what can be overwhelming adult and juvenile criminal justice systems.

Case Notification

At each stage — charges, prosecution, incarceration, probation — you have a right to be notified about court appearances, updates, sentencing and other matters.

Sign up here for automated notices of a defendant’s incarceration, criminal case status or probation. Or, call 1-866-631-8463.


We will ensure your rights are being upheld. Trained specialists can attend court hearings with you and work with law enforcement, prosecutors, and other agencies on your behalf.


You may be eligible to receive compensation for expenses resulting from your involvement as a victim or witness of a crime. We will assist you with requests for restitution and crime victim compensation.

ND Crime Victims Compensation Form 

Victim Impact Statements

When you want to share the impact crime has made in your life, we will assist you to complete a statement for the court to consider.

Emotional Support

You will receive support to cope with the effects of victimization and the demands of the criminal justice system.


As you deal with the effects of crime, additional support may help you heal. We can connect you to community services and resources including free and confidential support provided through CVIC. 

Legal Rights

North Dakota’s fair treatment standards under the ND Century Code and under the constitutional provisions of Marsy’s Law, ensure that victims and witnesses are afforded rights including:

  • Information about registering for the victim information and notification system; status of an investigation and any charges filed
  • Prevention of disclosure of confidential or privileged information and to be notified of requests for such information
  • Notice of a defendant’s pretrial release and conditions and your required participation in court proceedings
  • Referrals for services including counseling, treatment or support, and advice of an attorney
  • Employer intercession
  • Witness fees
  • Return of property
  • Be present at a trial and to a separate waiting area
  • Protection of identifying information
  • Prompt disposition of a case and notices of hearing schedules, final disposition, custodial releases, and parole procedures
  • Present a victim impact statement 
  • Participation in parole board and pardon decisions
  • Access to law enforcement reports
  • Preservation of evidence

Types of Crimes

A CVIC crime victim specialist will help you through the process when you have been a victim or witness to crimes including:

  • assault
  • burglary
  • crimes against children
  • domestic violence
  • harassment
  • homicide
  • identity theft
  • robbery
  • sexual violence
  • stalking
  • terrorizing 
  • theft of property