Collaboration Enhances Response, Service Delivery

We are privileged to live in a community with a rich history of collaboration, where organizations from education to healthcare to the criminal justice system join together to offer their energy and expertise to tackle problems and create a safer, healthier community.

We work hand in hand with many agencies and organizations to enhance responses and service delivery for those experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and other intimate partner crimes. CVIC’s works closely with:

  • City and County Law Enforcement
  • County Court System
  • Public K-12 Schools
  • Public Universities
  • Public and Private Human Services Providers
  • Health Care Providers 

Coordinated Community Response (CCR)

This nationally-recognized program is improving the way our region’s criminal justice system and community respond to domestic and sexual violence. By tracking all cases and identifying trends, professionals are able to collectively address needs, participate in trainings, and improve local response. Through the CCR we coordinate:

  • Domestic Violence Court Steering Committee: oversees the planning, development and continued implementation of the Grand Forks County Domestic Violence Court.
  • Domestic Violence High-Risk Team: meets to discuss high-risk cases, lethality issues, and the enforcement of firearms and protection orders.
  • Lethality Assessment Program: improves the safety of victims of domestic violence and their children, training law enforcement officers to assess danger levels at the scene of 911 calls and immediately connect victims at risk of lethality with CVIC safety services.
  • Sexual Assault Response Team: works to ensure systems are in place to effectively respond to victims of sexual assault by compassionately addressing victims’ trauma, improving forensic evidence collection, and coordinating follow through.

Kids First Collaborative Committee

As the region’s only supervised visitation and child exchange center , we coordinate with human services, law enforcement and criminal justice representatives to collaboratively address broad civil issues affecting victims and their children including property exchange, protective orders, mental health, and elimination of barriers faced by underserved populations, and will coordinate with the courts and others as needed to improve coordination of services and enhance safety for victims and children.

Green Dot Greater Grand Forks

Bystander intervention programming will educate and equip our communities’ residents to intervene in potentially harmful situations and to proactively foster a safe community. CVIC spearheaded the program’s launch in our region in 2017, training a CORE team, and is now blanketing the region with trainings to financial institutions, healthcare, and community service groups as well as coordinating a community awareness campaign that includes an annual fun run, the Green Dot Trot.

In addition to collaboratives led by CVIC, we represent the interests of survivors of intimate partner violence on local and state associations and committees addressing issues including poverty, homelessness, rights of victims of domestic violence or sexual assault, behavioral health and substance use disorder, child maltreatment and rights of those who identify as LGBTQ+.