Commemorative book released

Two-Generation Guardians: Peacemakers Changing the Face of Violence – for Good commemorates CVIC’s 40th anniversary. This honorary book features a cross section of hundreds of “guardians” who have been instrumental in shaping our long-range violence prevention and intervention efforts, as well as safeguarding the community we all cherish.

“As much as this is a CVIC story, it’s truly a story about the guardians and peacemakers of Grand Forks County and surrounding communities … Enjoy learning about the hopes, the struggles, the gifts, the tools, and first-rate humans who continue to find new and inventive ways to build a safer tomorrow.”

Coiya Tompkins, Author & CVIC President/CEO

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Because the cost has been generously underwritten by the City of Grand Forks, Chulinda Investments, Alerus, and Bremer Bank, all proceeds will support CVIC programs and services and transform lives impacted by violence.