Serving CVIC clients while beating the odds

Wendy Nelson, who has beaten the odds of a rare disease, spends her time making fleece blankets to donate to organizations like CVIC. She is the oldest female still alive in the United States who is living with A-T (Ataxia Telangiectasia). A-T is a rare inherited childhood neurological disorder that affects the part of the brain that controls motor movement (intended
movement of muscles) and speech. According to the National Institute of Health, most patients with A-T don’t live past their teens. Against all odds, Wendy attended college, lived on her own for nearly 20 years and celebrates her 50th birthday this year!

Wendy lives day to day and tries to stay positive by helping others. Wendy shares, “I can’t do much anymore with my hands, but I can do something!” Each piece of fabric is carefully chosen by Wendy with women and children who have been through hard times in life in mind.