Parent/Guardian Handbook for Healthy Relationships

A Guide to Teen Relationships: A Handbook for Parents and Guardians

Welcome to the parent/guardian handbook for healthy
relationships. The team at CVIC has created this for you
in hopes that it can provide brief educational information
on teen relationships. Some aspects of this handbook are
purely educational and others include tips for you to
support your teen. In this handbook we start by
discussing healthy relationships but in order to
understand teen relationships fully we also include
characteristics of unhealthy and abusive relationships.
Please utilize this handbook as much as you would like!
-CVIC Team

Content Notice: This handbook may contain sensitive topics for
some people. This handbook includes information on dating
violence, boundaries, consent, and sexual violence. The purpose
of this handbook is to inform parents/guardians on how to
identify if their teen is in a healthy/unhealthy relationship.