Table Captain Registration

Thank you for your interest in being a Table Captain for the Judd Sondreal Memorial Rise & Shine for Peace Breakfast on Wednesday, May 1, 2024 at the Alerus Center.

Below is more information on what it means to be a Table Captain, and the registration form to secure a table for yourself and 9 guests.

Guest list registration closes April 16, 2024

Meet Amorelle Upton

Former Teen Miss North Dakota and domestic violence prevention activist Amorelle Upton is the kind of woman who has it all together.

But the UND graduate student said just a few years ago her life fell apart at the hands of a high school sweetheart—faster than anyone could have imagined.

The relationship started off with thoughtful gifts and affectionate texts, but love bombs turned out to be life-threatening ammo for her boyfriend. He wasn’t going to give up on his seemingly endless need for control over Amorelle’s every move.

What happens next is Amorelle’s heart-wrenching and empowering journey from victim to survivor, a story she will courageously share as our 2024 Judd Sondreal Memorial Rise & Shine for Peace Breakfast keynote speaker.

As Amorelle continues to heal from abuse, she’s on a mission to share her journey wherever she can. Her passion for bringing awareness to domestic violence and sexual assault issues in our region continues to inspire so many, and sheds light on some of the unseen aspects of this complicated and painful issue.