Donors raise $101,000 for CVIC on Giving Hearts Day 2024

By Coiya Tompkins Inman, CVIC President and CEO

Coiya Tompkins Inman

In many ways, Giving Hearts Day has become an additional holiday for CVIC and its cherished donors, volunteers, partners and teammates—and this year was no different.

In 2024, more than 400 donors stepped up in spades, generating more than $101,000 for CVIC’s Education & Prevention team, which brings vital healthy relationship education and prevention curriculum to students in partnership with urban and rural schools.

Reaching youth early is a critical part of our plan to end violence in our community, which is why we chose to focus this year’s fundraising efforts on Education & Prevention programming, which empowers students for safer tomorrows through healthy relationship training.

When young people learn healthy relationship tools early on, like how to recognize and address unhealthy relationships and how to maintain boundaries in difficult situations, they are less likely to experience interpersonal violence in their adult relationships.

As a result of Giving Hearts Day support from our donors and supporters, CVIC Education & Prevention team members will reach more than 8,000 students in 2024 and bring healthy relationship education to their classrooms.

Giving Hearts Day 2024: by the numbers

$101,000 raised

8,000 students served

400+ donors

1 rural school district added

80 returning donors

Many empowered CVIC staff

The impact of every dollar

Education & Prevention team members go into classrooms and teach students valuable skills and

coping mechanisms, including:

  • Understanding physical, sexual and emotional abuse
  • Establishing healthy boundaries with friends and romantic partners
  • Building communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Cultivating emotionally intelligent relationships

Not only did the campaign help raise awareness and donations for the Education & Prevention program, but we were able to add another rural school to our outreach list, allowing CVIC to reach even more area youth than ever before.

“There is an ever-changing need in the schools to enhance our Education and Prevention. Over the last year, we have received more requests for our education services. We’re so thankful for donor support on Giving Hearts Day and every day.

Brittany Love, CVIC Director of Education & Prevention