Your gift gives hope

It takes just one person who cares enough to help another in need.  Your gift this Thanksgiving will bring hope, safety, and a better future for local families.

Because you care, families have tasted the freedom of a life without violence. You can almost feel their gratitude in their own words:

For a comforting advocate to be with them in their darkest hour, a calm voice on the other end of a crisis call.

“I had called CVIC but never stopped by the building because I was embarrassed to ask for help. It felt good today to talk and have someone listen to me. Thank you for the resources you provided me today.”

For a safe place to stay and escape violence.

“Thank you all so much! Me and my kids would not have been able to do it without you! You made a difference. We are forever grateful, and we will never forget all you have done!”

For a comfortable, safe place to spend quality time with children.

“I thank Kids First for making it possible for me to see my grandson. It is a very safe environment for the family visitations.”

Thank you for giving local families a hope that endures.