Your gift makes homes safe for children

The healing that comes when you invest impacts the whole family and changes life’s path.

It takes a lot of courage to admit you’ve harmed someone you care about. Sometimes, that courage begins with a simple understanding of what normal is – what what it isn’t.

“I thought the discipline I received in my childhood was normal,” said Pat.

“I didn’t realize I was a violent person until I took these classes, and then I realized my childhood wasn’t normal at all.”

We know you feel as strongly as we do that no child should ever have to grow up in a home where they think violence is normal.

To ensure that all children are raised in homes that are safe, we must address the root causes of violence. Our New Choices intervention program does just that – and it’s making a clear difference in the lives of families throughout our community.

Would you help parents make new choices and build safe homes for their children? Your gift today could last generations.