2023 Jim Vigness Peacemaker Award recipient

Grand Forks Assistant State’s Attorney Eyre named 2023 Jim Vigness Peacemaker Award recipient

GRAND FORKS – The Community Violence Intervention Center (CVIC) named Andrew Eyre, team lead and assistant state’s attorney for Grand Forks County, the 2023 Jim Vigness Peacemaker Award recipient. Each year since 2002, Community Violence Intervention Center (CVIC) honors community members who go above and beyond to help end interpersonal violence in our community.  

“Eyre serves as the lead attorney on the personal crimes team at the Grand Forks County State’s Attorney’s Office and is frequently assigned cases involving domestic violence and sexual assault. No matter the circumstances, Eyre handles each case with the utmost care and consideration. In recent years, he took the lead on devising a formal process and form so sexual assault victims could more easily request defendants be tested for HIV or other STDs. Collaborating with CVIC staff, Eyre consistently takes extra steps to ensure the victim’s needs are met. His ability to communicate effectively and compassionately with the clients he serves is honorable. In the last few years, he has done a remarkable job working with child victims of both physical and sexual abuse. Parents and guardians are always moved by how comfortable he makes their children feel as they color together and discuss their interests. Overall, Eyre goes above and beyond to make sure that victims are aware of their rights, notified of developments in the case, and most importantly, given a voice throughout the criminal justice process,” the award entry submitted by CVIC’s crime victim witness team noted.

Eyre was presented this award at the CVIC Judd Sondreal Memorial Rise & Shine for Peace breakfast on May 4, 2023. The event hosted more than 700 guests and raised money for interpersonal violence prevention, education, and intervention programs. CVIC shared that the donors have exceeded their expectations and they are excited to share the amount raised next week on their social media.

Eyre was one of seven nominees for this year’s award including:

  • Rod Huot, Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office
  • Mara Jiran, Spectra Health
  • Tammy Knudson, Grand Forks County Human Service Zone
  • Tracy Meidinger, University of North Dakota Police Department
  • Mark Sanford, North Dakota House of Representatives
  • Andrew Schneider, Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office

Each one of these nominees is a strong ally to CVIC and deserving of this honor.

Previous CVIC Peacemaker Awardees:

2022: Noelle Myers, Project Dignity

2021: Sarah Gereszek, Grand Forks County State’s Attorney’s Office

2020: Mark Nelson, Grand Forks Police Department

2019: Jody Thompson, Grand Forks Public Schools

2018: Dave Molmen, Altru Health System

2017: Haley Wamstad, Grand Forks County

2016: Al Boucher, Private Attorney

2016: Linda Funkhauser, Grand Forks Sheriff’s Office

2015: Karl Bollingberg, Alerus/Building Hope (CVIC Capital) Campaign

2014: John Packett, Grand Forks Police Department

2013: Anne Zimmer, Avant Hair & Skin Care Studio

2012: Twyla Llewellyn, North Dakota Parole and Probation

2011: Mary Ann Sens, University of North Dakota

2010: Cindy Jensen, Grand Forks Public Schools

2009: Chris Smith, Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office

2008: Meredith Larson, Grand Forks County State’s Attorney’s Office

2007: Kelly McLean, Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Office

2006: Don Rasmussen, University of North Dakota Police Department

2005: Shelle Michaels, Supporter

2004: Karen GreyEyes, Grand Forks Air Force Base

2003: Tom Erickson, University of North Dakota

2002: Jim Vigness, Grand Forks Police Department

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With a bold, comprehensive and nationally-recognized approach, we disrupt cultural norms to end violence in two generations. We deliver vital safety and healing services to adults and children ex­periencing trauma and educate youth and professionals about how to prevent violence and develop healthy relationships. Because violence is predictable, we know it is preventable and through an alliance of collaborative partners and donors we are creating a safer tomorrow.

If you missed our breakfast this year, you can view the complete event below: